Why Winnend inschrijven ?

Who are we ?

Winnend inschrijven (winning bid) is an initiative of Pro 10, Partners in Procurement & Tendering. Our mission is to help the MKB to gain government commissions both at home and abroad.

Pro 10 has guided more than 300 European procurements! We know that governments think it is important that the MKB participates in procurements, but the organisation rarely does. With this, the MKB misses important opportunities. With Winnend inschrijven we make sure that these opportunities are taken, and competing with tenders leads to an increase of your order portfolio. Our people have a variety of backgrounds: commercial, legal, communication and business. They can put themselves in your position regarding possibilities and the context of the tendered service. With this we ensure that your tender has a perfect score in all areas. We help you writing the winning bid!

How do we work?

Writing the winning tender, that sounds like heaven! But how should you go about that successfully? How should you traverse the swamp of procurement law regulations? We know that the programmes of demands and wishes can be unreadable. Let us help you; we speak the language of the government (even internationally) and understand the rules of the game. Losing is not an option! We will help you with going through a complete procurement and offer our support on a number of subjects, for example when you already have some experience with European procurements and want to have that final check. We apply a clear action plan: see services. The core of our approach is that we ensure that you distinguish yourself incredibly positively during the tender track. For that, we use your uniqueness, which we translate to a successful registration. Would you like to get advice? Call us on 070 – 381 97 24 or mail.

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On our news page you can find interesting articles concerning tendering, like recent biddings we guided and the latest developments in tendering.


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Loek winnend workshop



We often organise workshops for suppliers. During these workshops we explain how to best go through the bidding process. Our tips and tricks lead to winning bid! 

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How to distinguish yourself from others? What do procuring companies think is important? Small tips and tricks can make the difference and will help you to become a winning bidder. Read the tips and tricks here.

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Of course we help bidders with writing the best quotation. We guide parties in the areas of IT, healthcare, printing, communication etc. Reports of these projects can be read here.

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Our services

"They can be selected individually, but also as one track"

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