About ten years ago, Loek Van Beurden set up the purchase community for the purchasing government. A result of that was an annual congress for government purchasing parties. This congress was held again on 5 June, in Apeldoorn this time. The central theme was the developments within the governmental purchase industry. About 750 people participated in more than 40 parallel sessions. These sessions concerned purchase of the GWW, commissioning, opportunities for the MKB, sustainable purchasing, TenderNed, gifting criteria, innovation, tendering IT, healthcare, the Dutch WMO, contract management, circular purchases et cetera. It was again a successful meeting, where the creative purchaser was called upon to offer more opportunities to the MKB.

Contract management

Unfortunately, there are still bidders who promise more than they can do. Many governmental organisations have a disorganised contract and delivery management, which is why these organisations get away with that. Of course, this is incredibly frustrating for other bidders and for the customer himself.
Nevertheless, the attention for contract management is on the increase. Purchase files are kept, purchase conditions are applied and suppliers are confronted with their shortcomings.
Suppliers also work on this. It naturally occurs quite often that the scope changes during a commission, and how will you deal with extra work, purchase conditions and warranty provisions? More and more they work as partners, but how do you treat intellectual property? How can you apply a quadrangle clause? Such questions will be discussed on a more and more professional level, and are treated on our website. An interesting topic for suppliers, because they also have to arrange for these aspects in their contracts.

Information meeting for the business association BLF

We often organise workshops and lectures. On 14 May Loek Van Beurden of Pro 10 held an information meeting for the business association BLF in The Hague. The central topic was the way in which businesses can be more successful in bidding for procurements of the government. The various phases of a procurement was discussed and the way in which an entrepreneur could best profile himself/herself in each of these phases. During the meeting, the law firm Geelkerken Linskens explained the contractual aspects. Apart from that, they also zoomed in on collective purchasing. Especially for business parks with similar purchase needs this is an interesting subject. Purchasing XL means forming a purchasing collective. The meeting was attended by about 25 people of various businesses. The local government was also represented. The meeting was inspiring: various businesses saw that there were plenty of opportunities. Do you want to know what opportunities you can take? We are open for giving more lectures. Don’t hesitate; send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Value Procurement increases in popularity

On 19 May the Best Value Procurement congress in Delft took place. More than 350 participants from the government and business participated in this two-day conference. We were there as well. During these days it became apparent that the number of purchase tracks that adhere to the Best Value method are on the increase. You can use this! It is striking within Best Value that parties have more room to distinguish themselves for their qualities. In addition, they need to bid within a set price ceiling. There are also interviews with stakeholders of the bidding organisations. Within the bidding there is also room for suggestions to a purchasing organisation concerning the use of opportunities, and there is the request to be aware of the risks. From Winning bid we often organise workshops to teach entrepreneurs how to distinguish themselves best within Best Value.

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