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Mental programming, programming a procuring service, making the best quotation: it all starts with exerting an influence on stakeholders so that they feel they need that which you have to offer. Together with you we will develop a strategy. We will discover with you who the stakeholders are, where you meet them and how you can influence them best before the procurement starts. In this way we will teach you to look forward and to determine when a new procurement can be expected. We will put ourselves completely in your situation so that we can get a clear view of that which distinguishes you and of your strengths and weaknesses. Before the bidding starts, we will get a clear image of the organisation and the procurement pieces through the use of a strategy session. During this session you will present yourself to us, we will discuss the procurement pieces together and will determine a bidding strategy. We will look into the if and how of meeting the demands, possibly with whom you can bid, which third parties you can use and we will determine the roles and division of duties.

Information notice

Asking the right questions of the procurement service can win you the procurement! Difficult? We’ll help you! After the strategy session, we will take a look at the questions to ask of the procurement service. These questions can be about the procurement document, the procedure, selection requirements, awarding criteria, purchase conditions and the programme of demands. If you then receive the information notice, we will go over the implications for your registration and ask any follow-up questions. We will also take a look at whether the answers can form the grounds for a complaint, for example with a complaints desk or the commission of procurement experts.


Now we’ve reached the most important point: registration! The registration should be perfect in every way. You need to distinguish yourself positively on content from the other parties and there can be no procedure errors. We can arrange the whole registration for you, but we can also do that in cooperation with you. In any case, we always need content expertise, which we will translate to a registration as perfect as possible. You will always have control of your own registration. In order to make a good registration we put ourselves in your situation and the demand of the procuring service. Of course we focus on you: why do you offer the best solution? We process that in the registration. We ensure that your answer is complete, correct, speaks confidence and shows enthusiasm. We also ensure that your registration is easy to rate by the assessment commission. It shouldn’t be a jigsaw puzzle! We also arrange for the layout, design, pictures and bid book (should this be necessary and have added value). Should interviews and lectures be required, we will arrange those. We will keep in mind the culture of the organisation (and the country).


During this phase we will learn whether you are the (provisional) winner. Should you be the winning applicant, then you will have to deal with the verification of your offer. This means that you have to submit evidentiary documents. We will gladly help you therewith. Also it can be the case, if the tender takes place according to Best Value Procurement, that you are confronted with a pre-award phase. In this phase you have to elaborate on your submission and sometimes – in case of ICT tenders – to develop an SLA. Hereby new chances come to life. If you are excluded or are not awarded with the commission, then we will advise you about the use to submit an objection or to start summary proceedings. We have several lawyers specialized in tenders, who can well determine the grounds for an objection and who can assess the chances to win summary proceedings. This will prevent that you make use of an expensive attorney and it will help you to act as a professional principal towards an attorney.


Together we will evaluate the bid and discuss (if necessary) what measures should be taken to improve even more the next time. It is always wise to arrange a meeting with the procuring service, to learn from it. We would advise you to have this meeting prior to the final choice of awarding, because there could be new information that you might want to use to make a complaint. We will formulate, in cooperation with you, the questions you should ask of the procuring service in order to have the best possible results.
If required, we will make recommendations for the arrangement of your tender organisation and developing tender competences. After we have guided you once or twice, you will notice that our commitment can be reduced to testing and reading/assessing the final concept of your quotation.

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