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Mental programming, programming a procuring service, making the best quotation: it all starts with exerting an influence on stakeholders so that they feel they need that which you have to offer. Together with you we will develop a strategy. We will discover with you who the stakeholders are, where you meet them and how you can influence them best before the procurement starts. In this way we will teach you to look forward and to determine when a new procurement can be expected. We will put ourselves completely in your situation so that we can get a clear view of that which distinguishes you and of your strengths and weaknesses. Before the bidding starts, we will get a clear image of the organisation and the procurement pieces through the use of a strategy session. During this session you will present yourself to us, we will discuss the procurement pieces together and will determine a bidding strategy. We will look into the if and how of meeting the demands, possibly with whom you can bid, which third parties you can use and we will determine the roles and division of duties.

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