On this page we would like to share our tips and tricks with you. Issues we encounter and which we think may help you score extra points can be found here! Do you have a tip yourself? Let us know.

The tips

1. Make sure that you are involved before the procurement starts. You can then exert an influence on the way in which the procurement is marketed. So think about where and how you can come into contact with procuring services. Key people are purchasing managers and accounting officers.

2. Only that which is written down is valid. So don’t assume the procuring service understands you or fills in things itself. Also don’t assume things yourself, but always ask for clarification.

3. A procuring service has to create social value within the procurement. Think about how you can give shape to this in your enterprise. That way you will score better during bidding.

4. A procuring service cannot make any requirements concerning your revenues. This makes it easier to participate. You can also rely on third parties. So it’s rare that you’re too small, even when you think you are.

5. A procuring service requires core competencies. The core competencies should watch over the commission. Any demanded commission value cannot exceed 60% of the value of the procurement.

6. It is not allowed to award based on the lowest price, unless the procuring service motivates this. It is not allowed to apply qualitative criteria that do not lead to distinctions, which would result in still awarding it to the lowest price.

7. A procuring service is to make procurements accessible for the MKB by not clustering commissions unnecessarily, but by procuring in parcels. If they do cluster, a motivation is required.

8. Purchase conditions are to be proportional. So no unlimited liability; this has to be in proportion to the commission value.

9. Even below the threshold, purchasing must occur according to the principles of objectivity, transparency, proportionality and equality. Make it known to the procuring service that you wish to submit a quotation if an opportunity arises in your field. It will be harder for them to forget you.

10. Bidding is no exam! Only participate if you really want to win and if you want the best bid.

11. Every phase offers opportunities to profile yourself as a bidder. Use these opportunities. Use an internal planning, start on time and apply various competencies that approach the quotation request from various angles and all have a contribution.



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