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Legal advice

Legal advice

Suppliers can bid for procurements in the private and public sectors. In the public sector there are many rules and regulations. Do you have trouble with understanding and applying all these rules? We offer procurement lawyers to help you with that. We have done so for various customers. We first helped them gain knowledge of the world of procurements. People can always ask us for legal advice, a contractual issue, a short explanation of a procurement procedure or the best tip. 10 minutes of talking with one of our experts is often enough. Because of this, the costs remain very low and you immediately know what you want to know. You can also contact us for legally complex registrations. We will share our knowledge with you and are quick to help you on!

“I didn’t meet the selection requirements concerning financial means. The people of Winning bid have immediately offered me a fitting text proposition for asking a question of the ministry behind this procurement. Because of our question they adapted the requirement so that I could participate after all. We then won a framework agreement for four years with a commission value of more than €200,000. Winning bid didn’t even bill us for their help and we have work for years. Great! And thanks to Winning bid. Without their advice we would never have had a chance and now we won”.

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