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maandag, 12 januari 2015 00:00

Bidmanagers aangeboden

Het schrijven van de juiste offerte kan u de opdracht doen winnen. Heeft u behoefte aan een bidmanager met sterke schrijfkwaliteiten? Wilt u vanaf nu meer aanbestedingen winnen? Wij hebben ervaren bidmanagers die u kunnen helpen bij het schrijven van de winnende offerte. Wij leiden de bidmanagers op en zij zijn tijdelijk, vast of op projectbasis in te zetten. Dit is mogelijk op basis van detachering, fixed price of op basis van een fee.

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact met ons opnemen via 070 - 381 97 24 of Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


donderdag, 04 december 2014 00:00

Bidmanagers gezocht

Wij zijn op zoek naar bidmanagers die wij kunnen plaatsen bij onze opdrachtgevers. Heb jij ruime kennis en ervaring in bid- en projectmanagement en beschik je over een vlotte pen? Dan ben jij de bidmanager die wij zoeken! Als bidmanager weet je dat het schrijven van commerciële offertes en aanbestedingsteksten niet altijd makkelijk is. Gedrevenheid en inlevingsvermogen zijn essentiele eigenschappen om een goede offerte of aanbestedingstekst te kunnen schrijven. Wij zoeken bidmanagers die over uitstekende schrijfvaardigheid beschikt en een goed commercieel inzicht heeft. Ben jij op zoek naar nieuwe opdrachten als bidmanager? Neem contact op via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. of 070 - 381 97 24

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00


For an IT company specialised in social intranet we have a bidding policy. It is a platform and has been developed specifically to support cooperation and sharing knowledge in situations like network and government organisations. In this way, various organisations can easily find and contact each other. This company has strong and clear core values that are applied directly in its policy and activities. We have subverted these core values to a powerful element in the bidding. This is one of the tips you can apply during the bidding process: distinguish yourself from other bidders by putting core values in your quotation!

“We applied for a big party in Germany. Thanks to the dedication of Winning bid we prevailed over 47 other candidates, among which giants like Microsoft!”

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00


Experience has taught us exactly how to go through the bidding process. But maybe even more important, we also know exactly what the procuring party pays attention to and what it values. This combination ensures that we can write and then submit a fitting quotation. We have also guided a bidding process for a printing company in The Hague. We go through all the steps of the bidding process in order to translate the strengths of the bidding party to the demands and needs of the procuring party.

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00

Moving companies

For a well-known large-scale moving company we guided a part of the bidding procedure. This company mainly valued asking questions that were internally well-formulated to the Information Notice. The company knows which questions they want to ask, but wording them appropriately is sometimes difficult. So we do not require you going through the complete bidding process with us. Do you need guidance with a specific part of the bidding process? No problem!

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00

Employing personnel

Secondment agencies are in trouble. Prices are under pressure, independent entrepreneurs are hired directly more and more often. A university wished to arrange a framework agreement for the employment of IT personnel. It concerned in part IT people for tactical and execution levels, like for manning the helpdesk and executing 1st line maintenance and management. The organisation regularly supplied to governments, but the tightening procurement regulations made it difficult to make appropriate quotations. They were not used to this. We organised several workshops that quickly made them master the rules and regulations. We also guided them intensively with a procurement. They then won these procurements, and they also gained the knowledge and experience to organise their bidding themselves in the future.

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00

Youth care

A number of local governments in the Bollenstreek expressed the desire to start subsidising social services. This contributes to executing the job that local governments have in the light of the WMO (Dutch law for social services). It was determined that the unit General Social Services should be expanded with the units Youth Prevention Project (JPP) and Child Raising Advice Point (OA). Together they form the cluster Social Services (MD). We guided the bidder with the complete bidding process. The bidder contributed a sharp project team that we directed.

We have also successfully guided a local government in South Holland, which had applied as a combination. The core values were combined with the standpoints of the local government. The parties that needed each other to cover the demands of the government arranged clear working agreements. There is sufficient work now for the next four years, and the continuity has been guaranteed.

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00


We have guided an educational institution with bidding for a commission of the local government. It concerned management trainings for executives of all levels of the organisation. The local government wanted a cultural change in which the managers would get an important role. The commission value was €500,000. In the first instance the educational institution did not want to apply because they thought they did not meet the requirements. Then we reviewed the requirements and indicated which they did meet. We also ensured that the input of the various trainers was coordinated so that there was a singular and clear bid. We then improved the bidding to produce an accessible and high-quality programme. The approach and presentation indicators have been described clearly. Finally we trained the key figures who were to present the quotation, and taught them how to really bring their quotation to life. This resulted in a winning bid, of a procurement they at first did not even think they could participate in.

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00


All Dutch local governments struggle with the decentralisation of health services. Administrative procurement is regularly used, but there are more concepts along which health can be procured. We outlined the procurement models and compensation systems for the healthcare institutions and helped them with regard to content with bidding for procurements from local governments. We have guided multiple healthcare services in the areas of disabled care and youth care with the process that should lead to a successful cooperation with local governments. We also helped them to distinguish themselves positively, to show them the opportunities and risks and to set up more balanced contracts. These contracts were initially set up disproportionally, giving the healthcare service unacceptable risks. By asking the right questions the conditions were turned around. By drawing up good quotations the healthcare services that we guided were offered new agreements.

donderdag, 17 juli 2014 00:00

Legal advice

Suppliers can bid for procurements in the private and public sectors. In the public sector there are many rules and regulations. Do you have trouble with understanding and applying all these rules? We offer procurement lawyers to help you with that. We have done so for various customers. We first helped them gain knowledge of the world of procurements. People can always ask us for legal advice, a contractual issue, a short explanation of a procurement procedure or the best tip. 10 minutes of talking with one of our experts is often enough. Because of this, the costs remain very low and you immediately know what you want to know. You can also contact us for legally complex registrations. We will share our knowledge with you and are quick to help you on!

“I didn’t meet the selection requirements concerning financial means. The people of Winning bid have immediately offered me a fitting text proposition for asking a question of the ministry behind this procurement. Because of our question they adapted the requirement so that I could participate after all. We then won a framework agreement for four years with a commission value of more than €200,000. Winning bid didn’t even bill us for their help and we have work for years. Great! And thanks to Winning bid. Without their advice we would never have had a chance and now we won”.

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